Audubon "Birds of America"

American Flamingo
 Overall Size 19.5 x 27 inches

American Flamingo – Plate Reference #66
Audubon saw several flocks of American flamingos in the Florida Keys in 1832, and he was exceedingly anxious to obtain a specimen from which he could make a painting. While in London, he wrote repeatedly to his friend Bachman in Charleston asking fro one. On August 14, 1837, he wrote: “P.S. Pray send us whatever Captain Coste may have collected for me round the Floridas; and I hope that you will also have some flamingos from Matenzas for me.” Then, on October 31, he wrote again: “As to flamingos their eggs etc I fear this is up for me; and this proves tome now that I was a great fool not to have gone to Cuba, or sent a person there expressly.” On December 28 of that year, he insisted once more, “When will the flamingoes come???” He finally obtained specimens from Cuba and made this drawing in London in 1838.

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