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Great Blue Heron – Plate Reference #211
Bobwhite & Red-Shouldered Hawk – Plate Reference #76
Ruffed Grouse – Plate Reference #41
Mallard Ducks – Plate Reference #221
American Flamingo – Plate Reference #66
Mourning Dove – Plate Reference #201
Snowy Egret – Plate Reference #242
Whistling Swan – Plate Reference #67
White Crowned Pigeon – Plate Reference #177
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird – Plate Reference #47


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Now Offered In Audubon / Havell / Loates Master Editions
Only a few sets remain for U.S. distribution

Master Editions Decorator Sets Include

10 Original Graphic Limited Numbered Signed Prints
$995.00 per set
Satisfaction or money back guarantee
Some Individual prints from broken sets available $150.00 each (click on images)
(Packaging and Shipping free (United States Only)

Credit Card or PayPal

Offered Exclusively  By
LovedOnes Inc.

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