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Audubon / Havell / Loates Master Editions - Original Graphics
10 image collection created from the Birds of America original Audubon / Havell engravings with one of kind Graphic Painting.  Pre-press Lithography was created by Graphic Artist Master Lithographer M Bernard Loates 1992 and produced offset as per following description.  (Galleries / Dealers Invited)

Master Editions Process began in 1992.  Using original art and engravings of Audubon/Havell Birds of America the images, Loates and his crew of master lithographers and colorist stripped of all the coloring back to the original black engraving for each of the 10 images.  Skins and plumage of the actual bird were gathered so that expert colorists could hand mix the German “Light Fast” Inks with great details as to accuracy.  These colors were added using hand cut overlays and knockouts techniques with the mixed inks.  Ink was laid down using a special Omni technique with 400 line screen variations to create a one of a kind image very pleasing to the eyes of the master lithographer Bernard M. Loates.  The screens used were so fine (400 line) they were very difficult to print but depicted a continuous tone image even under a magnifier.  Colors were added one at a time for depth because of stock absorption and drying time needed on the archival 100lb, 100% rag acid free and neutral pH stock.  This stock was custom made and watermarked with M. Bernard Loates name by Manadnock Paper Mills, New Hampshire. The images have a minimum of 32 to 60 passes through the single color Harris Offset Press with color tints and overlays to numinous to calculate.  Flats and plates were destroyed after printing to ensuring the integrity of the Masters Collection to be one of a kind. Waste was considerable even in the highly controlled temperature and humidity environment.  This shop was dedicated to produce only this collection.  The shop and master printers that were assembled were disbanded after the collection was completed (7 months later).    

NOTE, these images are not given justice until viewed in person.  The vivid realistic coloring and fine rag embossed and watermarked leave no doubt as to the value. They are finished with precise embossed borders, authenticity chop marks including Audubon Masters Collection, M. Bernard Loates and publisher Klauduis Krzehlik.   Each collection includes the following items and guarantees.
The stock size 19.5 x 27 inches - Image size: varies for each image (available on request).  Average approx. 15 x 23 inches.

Full Collection includes the following Value Added Items (Only 7 left).

1.      10 Original Graphic Prints; Plate #17  “Mourning Dove”, Plate #41 “Ruffed Grouse”, Plate 47 “Ruby Throated Hummingbirds”, Plate #76 “Bobwhite & Red Shouldered Hawk” Plate #211 “The Great Blue Heron”, Plate #221 “Mallard Ducks”, Plate #242 “Snowy Egret”, Plate #411 “Whistling Swan”, Plate #431 “American Flamingo”, Plate #177 “White Crowned Pigeon”.

All Shipments guaranteed.

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