Audubon "Birds of America"

Ruffed Grouse
 Size 19.5 x 27 inches

Ruffed Grouse – Plate Reference #41
Audubon observes “On the ground, where the Ruffed Grouse spends a large portion of its time, its motions are peculiarly graceful. It walks with an elevated, firm step, opening its beautiful tail gently and with a well-marked jet, holding erect its head, the feathers of which are frequently raised, as are the velvety tufts of its neck. It poises its body on one foot for several seconds at a time, and utters a soft cluck, which in itself implies a degree of confidence in the bird that its tout ensemble is deserving of the notice of any bystander. Should the bird discover that it is observed, its step immediately changes to a rapid run, its head is lowered, the tail is more widely spread, and if no convenient hiding-place is at hand, it immediately takes flight with a loud whirring sound.” The painting, executed circa 1825, is one of Audubon’s most ambitious and beautiful creations.

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