Audubon "Birds of America"

White Crowned Pigeon
 Overall Size 19.5 x 27 inches

White Crowned Pigeon – Plate Reference #177
“I saw them as they approached the shore,” Audubon wrote, “skimming along the surface of the water: flying with great rapidity, much in the manner of the common house species, but not near each other like the Passenger Pigeon. On nearing the land, they rose to the height of about a hundred yards, surveyed the country in large circles, then with less velocity gradually descended, and alighted in the thickest parts of the mangroves ad other low trees. None of them could easily be seen in those dark retreats, and we were obliged to force them out, in order to shoot them, which we did at this time on the wing.” Audubon painted these pigeons at the Indian Key, Florida, in April 1832, just after the birds arrived from Cuba. His assistant George Lehman painted the flowering limb of the geiger-tree, a West Indian shrub found in the Florida Keys.

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