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After Audubon Edition 1987-99  (29 Prints)
Elephant Size 26.5 x 39.5
Original One of A Kind Lithograph Works of Art
100lb / 100% Rag Archival stock
Up to 60 separate color runs per print

Note: This collection is in two groups.  Group I are the painstakingly produced originals from the unsold Tribute Collection on the custom watermarked Loates Stock created in 1987.  Group 2 were the ad-on's for the After Audubon Collection that were printed in 1999 on Archival un-watermarked stock (note price difference).
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Limited Inventory


Group I  (Call for prices)  1.727.421.1360

Baltimore Oriole Common Grackle Double Crested Cormorant Great Egret Great Blue Heron
Key West Quail Dove Little Blue Heron Red Shouldered Hawk Ruby Throated Hummingbird Sandhill Crane
Screech Owl Snowy Egret Whooping Crane Wood Duck  

Group II         Call for Price and Availability 1.727.421.1360

American White Pelican Broad Winged Hawk Brown Pelican Canada Goose Carolina Turtle Dove
Green Heron Gyr Falcon Long Billed Curlew Osprey Pileated Woodpecker
Sparrow Hawk Trumpeter Swan Virginia Partridge Wood Ibis Young Trumpeter Swan
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