John James Audubon, Loates

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By M . Bernard Loates Master Graphic Artist
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19.5 x 27 - Original Signed and Numbered Publishers Proofs
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Some Available Single Prints Sale for Christmas 2021

Great Blue Heron à Plate Reference #211
Bobwhite & Red-Shouldered Hawk – Plate Reference #76
Ruffed Grouse – Plate Reference #41
Mallard Ducks – Plate Reference #221
American Flamingo – Plate Reference #66
Mourning Dove – Plate Reference #201
Snowy Egret – Plate Reference #242
Whistling Swan – Plate Reference #67
White Crowned Pigeon – Plate Reference #177
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird – Plate Reference #47

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Singles of Master 19.5 x 27 "
Elephant Limited Edition 26.5x 39.5 "
Loates Finest Quality Embossed Authentication
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Elephant Size 26 1/2 x 39
Custom Watermarked stock by Tryon Mint

Snowy Egret, Wood Ducks, Whooping Crane
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